Real estate buying guide

Real estate buying guide

City or suburb?

The eternal question for all those that tend to settle down and buy real estate. Stressful day at work, the phone ringing, nervous customers crowded in the office and so on from the early morning, every day. You would agree that after such working day, you deserve rest and peace, and that is something that you can find in a suburb area, such is in Witham Hill Neighborhood in Corvallis, Oregon. End of working time, sit in your car, make your way through city traffic, to leave behind the city center, trams and car horns. After you leave residential areas, you will finally come to the green area, clear blue sky and hear the birds singing… You came home! Here is your oasis of peace and escape from everyday stress.

Trams or suburban?

385610715_350x262This would be a short review of daily suburban buyer who decided to get rid of his home so that he moves away from the city bustle to enjoy the comforts of the house with a green garden where there is an arbor and a barbecue for hanging out with friends. Near the grill, there is a children’s pool and waterslide. Can the children in the town boast with private park?!
So, you know at the beginning of the search for real estate that you want your children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment, that everyone has their own bedroom, therefore, their own privacy and that in the morning you do not fight over the bathroom. A young couple with a son of 5 years old and a girl on the road

… What are the possibilities?

Variant A: bedroom apartment approx 90 m2 with a balcony and parking space, trams, the resort with residential buildings in the vicinity of schools, kindergartens, markets, clinics and all other facilities that you possibly need.

Variant B: house with a large garden, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large living room, garage for two cars, a gazebo, barbecue, decorated ceiling and expansion of living space, all in the suburbs.

The spaciousness, safety, companionship …

You will probably choose variant B as it most acceptable today. We can list a number of advantages that living in the suburbs bears such as weekend with friends with bbq session, safer raising of your children provided by small community (everyone knows everybody), various celebrations in the house without asking for the consent of the neighbors, the ability to work in the garden, a healthier environment, pets, the possibility of expanding the family without thinking about residential squares, or failure to obtain a place in a kindergarten …

I emphasize that all of these, from the perspective of a man who does not have a problem to go to the store to sit in the car, drive the kids for years to kindergarten and elementary school, are important to him – his problem is not to mow the grass, and shovel huge amounts of snow during the winter but rather living in a crowded environment.

IY8A5304-960x640Someone else gives priority to life in a modern community, in a comfortable apartment, where there are no worries about maintenance yard, where the slippers can be worn into the store, where all needs are a few steps from the building. They are not into any grilling, and even working in garden, they are also not interested in any animal larger than a hamster.

So, from all of the above, we can conclude that what is the advantage of living in a suburb for someone is flaw and vice versa. Tips for every buyer of the property is to recognize their affinity, priorities and then decide where to start his nest.

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How to prepare yourself for homeownership in Witham Hill Corvallis, Oregon?

How to prepare yourself for homeownership in Witham Hill Corvallis, Oregon?

Corvallis is medium – size city located in the state of Oregon, its population is around 55,000 people and has 13 neighborhoods. It is declared to be one of the safest city in the U.S. and one of the best places for living. Considering real estate market, prices aren’t competitive with other communities in Oregon, but housing expenses are among the highest in the nation.

If you want to invest in real estate that is located in Witham Hill, Corvallis, you should pay attention to the following and set up your priorities.

genIsm.688279_7First you need you need to decide what can you afford. You will need to review your annual budget and make an appropriate decision. In Witham Hill you can find affordable houses, but are they really what you are looking for? After you review your annual income, you will decide how big of a house you can afford. By an average statistic, you will be able to afford a house which value is two to three times bigger than your annual income.

Make you your wish list. It’s important to decide what type of house you will need. If you have a family, you will need a bigger home, if you are alone, you will still need a place where you will be feeling comfortable and not overwhelmed with small space. Put on paper all your ideas, but try to keep them in the limits of your budget, otherwise you will end up in debt.
mortgage application form image 848x250
Consider a mortgage. If you have enough money to qualify for a mortgage, that would be an ideal solution. 20% will be enough for the down payment, but you will also need to consider about additional costs, such as taxes, attorneys fee, transfers fee and others. This will cost you between 2 and 7 percent of the value of the deal. Credit record is also important – you should make sure it is accurate and up to date. It will provide your credit history, debts if you have any and late payments.

Explore what type of mortgage is best for you. You will need to see about size of the mortgage and are you qualified enough. You may take 15 years or 30 years fixed mortgage.

If you are first time buyer local government might have some programs that will be able to assist you with the down payment.

531f5ddc54287602-440x330When you gather all this information contact a local real estate agent. There are a lot of agents in the Witham Hill that will provide you home buying and home selling services. The experienced real estate agent will point you out in the right direction and tell you how to avoid beginner’s mistakes.

If you decide to buy a house in this neighborhood, you won’t make a mistake. First of all, Corvallis is known university town, with a lot of schools, and peaceful neighborhoods. You will have great job opportunities and you won’t have to spend your life at work because average working hours during a week are 34.

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